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Yes, there is no topic about love anymore.

I’m feeling sick, sick of love. or something regarding about that.

Thanks for understanding. thanks for your words. thanks for being my friend. thanks for every truths, lies, cares, argues, photos, everything.

You know, after I met you. I told myself that I don’t want to marry a lover only but also marry a best friend. Not only understanding each other but fight in any circumstance together. And don’t care what people say when they find us walking together.

I feel such a relief after we stay like this, after back to normal again.

Butterflies are still on my tummy but you give some extra, you give me hiccups as well.

Like on Christmas sales, you give me two when i only buy one even with a lottery prize.

Please keep me in your prayer, i think i am ready for facing the 2014!

Carry on ;]

– from Belle to The Beast


Bukan Ummu Sulaim bukan Abu Thalhah
Memulai cinta mereka dengan mahar keislaman
Bukan pula Ummu Hakim Al Harits bukan pula Ikrimah bin Abu Jahl
Memberi kado doa setiap saat untuk sang kekasih

Kita bukan mereka
Hati kita mungkin tak dapat bersama pada satu muara, selamanya
Untuk meng-Esa-kan Tuhan yang sama

Kita bukan mereka
Walau aku pinta mahar keislaman
Walau doa setiap saat ku panjatkan
Hatimu milikNya, Dia yang berkuasa membolak-balikannya
Hatimu dalam naungannya, aku tak kuasa menggerakannya

Awalnya aku terus meminta agar kisah kita sama seperti kedua pasangan itu
Berakhir dalam indahnya ukhuwah
Tapi Tuhan membuktikan beda
Kita mungkin sama rasa tapi kita beda cita

Semua telah tertulis
Tertulis di bukuNya

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Rainbow comes after rain

Dawn comes after midnight

Minute comes after second

And butterfly comes after you.


a couple stand under an umbrella

pigeons fly above sky

you stare at me many times

And butterfly stays in my tummy


We are strangers in the begining

We didn’t know each other before

before we met in school cafetaria

your tummy full with meals and my tummy full with butterflies


We fall in love.




Boy: Married separately. living happily now

Girl: so they didn’t meet at all?

Boy: Yeah after their marriages they met.

Girl: For what? Hey… Are you happy now?

Boy: Just normally. Can you tell me what do you mean by happy?

Girl: All things, all aspects, condition in your life now. Are you happy now?

Boy: everything cant be happy in all aspects. sometimes we have sacrifice for others.