Something Profound that We Can Learn from ENFP

ENFP- To Never Lose Our Childlike Enthusiasm

ENFPs have an often childlike enthusiasm that is both joyful and infectious. They have a way of looking at the world that is unbelievably admirable. ENFPs constantly hunger to learn about the world and the people around them. They are excited by new possibilities and enjoy finding deep connections with others. Being able to stay positive even through struggles is a wonderful skill that the ENFP possess. Learning to always keep that joyful and childlike enthusiasm is something amazing that we can learn from the ENFP, and we know they will be more than willing to teach us.

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ENFP Reactions to Love


They will be passionate and excited about your relationship. They will approach your love with a child-like enthusiasm, but also require space from time to time. They want love to be stimulating and honest, and will thrive when things are new and exciting. They will make you feel special and wanted, almost like there is no one else in the world like you.

Congratulations, you’ve caught their attention long enough for them to see the value in you. But they have probably already gotten distracted and stopped reading this article…

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Little Things That Make ENFP Happy


Inspiration. The feeling of being truly connected to others on a deep and meaningful level. Bringing positivity to others, and spreading those warm vibes. Being completely comfortable with themselves, and appreciating who they are. Having other people appreciate them as well, and feeling like they aren’t being judged. Sharing honest and sincere dialogue with other people. The possibilities and beauty that the world around them possesses. Reading. Exploration. Coffee. And maybe a little romance.


I cant agree more, ENFP is just so me 🙂

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What Dwells Behind the Eyes of ENFP

ENFP- Yearning

ENFPs are very passionate and enthusiastic individuals with a hunger for life. There is an excitement and intensity behind the eyes of an ENFP. Their positive and intense personalities are often visible in the way they look at their surroundings. They are often absorbing their surroundings and attempting to take in everything that they can. ENFPs love exploring new possibilities and are excited by passion. There is something very dreamy about an ENFP, and their need to take in everything.

ENFP Processes Emotions


The Emotions of Others:

ENFPs are often very understanding and sensitive individuals. They are willing to listen to people expressing their feelings and often do not become uncomfortable by this. ENFPs are warm and supportive people, who love connecting with others. They want to feel real and intense connections with people, which often makes for emotional, deep conversations. They enjoy hearing about people’s hopes and dreams, everything that they feel and desire. ENFPs feel comfortable when people are reaching them on a deeper level, instead of dancing around the truth. Listening to people discuss their emotions is something that the ENFP enjoys. They are skilled at understanding the motives of others, often using their own experiences to figure people out. Although the ENFP is good at connecting with others, sometimes their own emotions can cloud their judgement of people.

Their Own Emotions:

ENFPs are very in touch with their own internal emotions. They are passionate and sensitive people, who feel things very deeply. They aren’t much for shallow interactions, striving to understand themselves on a very real level. When the ENFP is able to understand themselves, they are truly and completely happy. Although they are extroverts- making them very outwardly focused- the ENFP still spends a lot of time introspecting. They enjoy diving into their own emotions, figuring out why they feel the way that they do. ENFPs are not fearful of emotions, fully understanding that they are an important part of living life to the fullest. They enjoy being able to fully accept their own feelings, striving to understand and relish in them. ENFPs are strongly drive by their emotions, wanting to explore the world around them in an enthusiastic way. They often enjoy breaking things down, working to achieve a deeper understanding and connection with everything.

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