Two Wishes

Good day to you all,

I’ve just got sick, it’s virus from mouse/mice so my body temperature was high and my eyes became red&swollen. But it is ok now, I need two days for taking rest from yesterday.

During my boring time, I always end up with daydreaming. My head always keep thinking something either serious problems or just random stuffs.

I have two wishes which I want to do it after my marriage with my beloved forever-boyfriend (read. Husband), I has thought about it for long time, these are like my big dream.

1. Riding merry go round
As I remember, I haven’t ride merry go round by myself. But I really do like merry go round pictures, I collected some from tumblr. So, after I got married with someone I want to ask him to ride merry go round together. Only with my husband.

2. Random travel
My travel experience is slightly enough. I don’t have any chances to make trip to many places. So after my marriage I want to make a random travel or trip with my hunny lovely sweety forever-boyfriend (read. Husband). We pack some clothes for 3-5 days trip. Then go to airport and look what airline that ready for flight, it could be a domestic trip or overseas (for country which is no need a visa). And also it doesn’t need a planning before, because it is call random travel. We will do some fun with many surprise.

It’s sound silly, but that’s me. I want to do silly stuffs with my half of me 😀

.:my room at 16.30:.

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Get to Know Me


Okay, emang gw bukan artis, tapi karena ini blog pribadi gw jadi terserah donk gw mau tulis apa disini. Banyak orang bilang (sampe bosen), tak kenal maka tak sayang, kenali dulu siapa pemilik blog ini~ selanjutnya terserah deh lo mau judge gw kayak apa~

1.       Genis Anggraeni. Genis = the rich (from Al-Ghani) dan Anggraeni = name of princess from West Java history.

2.       almost 25 y.o

3.       Some one who called me ‘Madam’

4.       ‘Riding Solo– Jason Derulo

5.       only on my ears, but I’m not wearing it.

6.       Nope, never let it happen in my life.


8.       Dosirak (도시락) = lunch box, ‘bento’ in Japanese. Randomly I chose that word, maybe because I love sharing what i though what i see what i know, like the lunch box, its not a lunch box without sharing with others.

9.       At the moment, i dont have any. I often listen to India song nowadays.

10.   The Sound of Music. Harry Potter sequels. Sleepless in Seattle.

11.   Sentimental.

12.   Forgetful person. Take anything too serious.

13.   I love sharing.

14.   the greatest mom for my children and wonderful wifey.

15.  After marriage. Randomly we (I & husband) go to the airport, backpacking to city which flight right after we bought the tickets. Maybe another city in Indonesia or another country which doesnt need visa or can apply for VoA. Just for 3-5 days. Random trip.

16.   a goodbye

17.   later, pass.

18.   None

19.   I’ve graduated. but school is fun for me.

20.   His mind/thought about life, future, etc, his kindness, being carefully while talking with girl, his simplicity, his sweet words, his smile, his outfit.

21.   what?

22.   Sorry?

23.   there is 10.000-15.000 thought in every normal person every day.

24.   It can be miracle when we believe.

25.   MUSIC.

26.   none.

27.   this day, after i found blood in my chest. i slightly thought about the life after this life.

28.   Personality.

29. feat Humming Urban Stereo – Toast, Brian McKnight – Never Feel This Way, Soluna – Where are you, Arijit Singh – Kabira Encore, Clazziquai – Romeo Juliet, Jojo -Never Wanna Say Goodbye.

30.   Mecca and Al Madina, Hyderabad and all state in India.

31.   Careless

32.  Checking notifications on my mobile phone.

33.   yeah, but I dont care.

34.   Browsing on internet, singing, jogging, reading, blogging.

35.   You.

36.   Guitar, driving, cooking Indian food.

37.   Listening to the music.

38.   Everything. I’m Muslim since born is the most important thing in life. I found my first love eventho maybe its too late and we lose contact it will be wasting our time, but thank you it meant that I already has experienced in loving someone. Still with full-family member. Working for 8-5.

39.   Music, merry-go-round, chocolate, pink roses, quotes, your message, people story about their traveling experience, you.

40.   myself. And now i try to move on. Leave all my pass behind. Because Imam Ali says, ‘best revenge is to improve yourself’. Don’t lose hope and never give up!

yap, that’s me… i’m gona be what i want, instead of being what i’m not kalo kata Eliza Doolittle. so, ditutup sama lagu yang related to this written ya, Eliza Doolittle – Nobody.

Thanks for visiting! :))

updated: June 21st, 2014