Mehyar & Ghanem on Kalam Nawaem Talk Show (Translated)

Enjoy the video.. Mehyar & Ghanem are cool!!Masya Allah~ ^^

MC : join me in welcoming Syrian actor Mehyar Khaddour who played the role of Khaled bin Al-Waleed, and Tunisian actor Ghanem Zrelli who played the role of Ali bin Abi Talib, Welcome!
Tunisian and Syrian played an important roles! you are young stars at the beginning of your artistic journey.
How does these roles affect you? Lets start with you.

Mehyar : honestly , I’m proud of this experience! working with Mr. Hatem Ali and Mr. Shadi and MBC group. i’ve been assigned to play this role, which i think it has some peculiarity and extraordinary, so I did my research to present something unique.

MC : What books did you read ?

Mehyar : there are many books! there is a book written by the General A.I. Akram of the Pakistan Army, he talked about Khalid personality and his battles, it was a heavily-detailed book in general, it helped me a lot! moreover, the script! i just remembered a book! it’s called ” The jaws of history ” it talks about some important figures in Islamic History, written by dr. Suhail Issawi.

MC : Khalid bin Waleed known as “Sayf Allah al-Maslul” cuz he was a skilled swordsman.

Mehyar : ” he is a sword of the Swords of Allah, unseated against the unbelievers “

MC : so, how much did you practice to play this role?

Mehyar : I’ve trained on specific movements ,it was a few days before filming. I basically have experience in foils fencing ..It’s not exactly like fencing with a normal sword ..But i think that physical fitness is important for both.

MC : Are You Physically Fit?

Mehyar : sort of.

MC : isn’t clear? // just wanted make sure. // i’m sure of it, i sit next to him!

MC : Mr. Ghanem, we know that you hesitate to do this role .. Why ?

Ghanem : actually, my hesitation didn’t last too long. When i received the offer, i didn’t reply right away .. i wanted to think. Then I got a call from Tunisian actor Fethi Haddaoui, He advised me to accept it without any hesitation. At that time i was sit-in at Kasbah square in Tunisia, My phone was switched off for 3 days, because I was busy with demonstrations.

MC : you are a troublemaker! // When I hear your voice now I find a huge difference between the local dialect and classical Arabic. Was it your real voice in the series or not ?

Ghanem : No, it was dubbed.

MC : And the voice of Khalid bin Walid?

Mehyar : It was my real voice.

MC : but it has been dubbed into Turkish! // What have you learned from this role?

Ghanem : it’s combines many contradictions, he is strong and gentle at the same time. no doubt he is a great figure in Islamic history. As for Classical Arabic, It is a language with a special code, It’s not like the local dialects.

MC : You all are from different nationalities ..tell me what is happening behind the scenes? things that we don’t know..and how was your relationship with each other?

Mehyar : as an actor i believe that the importance of joint actions lies in the human side. There some actors i hadn’t met them before, but now i met them and they became my best friends ..just like Mr. Ghanem.

MC : How long have you been working ? and where you spend most of your time? in desert or what ?

Mehyar : the filming goes through several stages, First, we were in Syria and then we moved to Morocco in Ouarzazate, After that we went to Marrakech, then we went back to Syria again. the location was a little difficult place to work, It was very hot and we were wearing heavy clothes.

MC : does anyone get hurt ?

Mehyar : we all get hurt.

MC : What about “Thirty” movie, you played the role of the president “Bourguiba” ..It was your first experience ..right?

Ghanem : It was my first experience in Tunisian cinema .. This movie is about intellectual renaissance in Tunisia. In my opinion, The movie was similar to “Omar series”, because it’s touched peoples hearts. Interestingly, the DP in ” Omar series” was also the cameraman in “thirty” movie. So, I think Hatem Ali had seen the movie because it was displayed in many Arab countries and Notre Dame in the Netherlands too. Also Fathi Hadawi has introduced me to play this role.

MC : nice! I wish you the best of luck and every success in future. Thank you.

credit: translation by @fabelleza; video by @Fatima88M photo by Mehyar & Ghanem Facebook Fanpage


Mehyar Khaddour on Shabahal Khair Ya Arab (Translated)

Mehyar Khaddour


Shabahal khair*~

How beautiful this morning is… i woke up from my sleeping beauty, checked twitter and i got this translation from my friend, Fatima. Thank you dear~ Although some said this interview was the same with others, nothing special, but this is my first time to know what Mehyar talks about in the interview… ^^ Mehyar is an actor from Syria who has a part of Omar series, his role as Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed who well known as ‘A Sword of God’.. hope you enjoy this video and dont worry, Fatima has translated for you.. ❤

Lujain : Today, we host Syrian actor Mehyar Khaddour, Good morning! Mehyar.

Mehyar : Good morning.

Lujain : yesterday, my mention was filled by your fans! They want me to ask you some questions! but I already have my questions for you!
In your previous interviews, you already talked about “Omar” series.
we noticed despite uproar over “Omar” series, there are a lot of actors hoped to be part of this project!
so you played an important role “Khalid bin Waleed”!
we know that many actors had played this role, but you did your own arrangements specifically for this role.
so, tell me more about the difficulties and challenges you’ve faced.

Mehyar: From the first moment I realized the difficulty of this role! because of the large number of those who have played this role! so, you should be looking for something special, unique and new for this role!
“Khalid ibn al-Walid” was known in history, readable in books, and his role represented many times in some series and movies! so, it was a bit hard for me!
Therefore, there were a number of preparations so i can do something different.
This experience was really distinctive and enjoyable for me.

Lujain : did you ever reach a point, where you say to yourself “I regret taking this role”?

Mehyar : Never! this what i called “creative worrying”.
your fatigue disappears once the scene ends, you can read this effort through public reactions whether they loved it or hate it.

Lujain : What do you think of the uproar over the series? were you concerned about it?

Mehyar : of course!
well, i’ve read public comments about “Omar series”.
there were some people against, and some people were with.
I’ve concluded that the controversy was a good somehow!
who was against the series is because he loves Omar and who was with it is because he loves Omar too!
so, the controversy was only about love! i think it’s a beautiful thing.

Lujain : when actor plays a role, it will affect him in one way or another.

how about you? to what extent are you affected by the personality of Khalid ibn al-Walid? especially because you took too long in the filming period.

Mehyar : i am affected by bruises that lasted for a long time after the series .

Lujain : we saw you do the movement by yourself, they didn’t use a comparse.

Mehyar : yes! i insisted that i’ll do all the movements by myself
, because 80% of Khalid ibn al-Walid activities is on the battlefield, so the play space for me as an actor is on the battlefield, if i didn’t do it all by myself so what should i do?! at the same time the director has become more comfortable with the camera, also i wanted to give this character something special.

Lujain : you said “bruises” .. do you really get bruises? is it deliberately or by mistake?

Mehyar : Certainly not deliberately! I’ve fallen off the horse several times, I’ve been hit with axe, too.

Lujain : how about horse riding and fencing, did you learn that at the Institute?

Mehyar : No, not literally ..I basically ride horses, but i’ve learnt some skills required for fencing on horseback such as a fall from horseback, standing on horseback .. sometimes it requires fencing with two swords! using the left hand was a bit hard for me, so i had to practice.

Lujain : I wonder the sword was heavy or light?

Mehyar : In previous makings it was a fake sword, but it was real this time.

Lujain : Playing the role of Khalid ibn al-Walid was a big responsibility .. everyone is looking forward to your next roles .. so, do you believe that it would restrict your choices?

Mehyar : i don’t think so .. i am very selective, I read the script first .. if I didn’t like it ..nothing obliges me to do it! So, I’m looking for good roles that I can give it something.

Lujain : Let’s talk about your role in “Antara”

Mehyar : it was my first experience!

Lujain : Tell me about the differences and similarities between your role in “Antara” and your role in “Omar”?

Mehyar : Similarity lies in the geographical nature.
But the characters are quite different!
Urwah ibn al-Ward, were known as su’luk or vagabond poets and Khaled is completely different! but now we’re working more creatively! Unlike the first experiment because in “Antara” I was standing in front of the camera for the first time, I was still a student in third year! but it was a good experience.

Lujain : sometimes fans are controlling actor’s life and his choices, some fans believe that the actor must selects roles that does not conflict with previous roles.. what do you think?

Mehyar : each one has a viewpoint, i think it’s better if we can separate the actor from his role .. i’m actor and acting is my career! I can play any role.
like Anthony Quinn! he starred in the movie “The Message” as “Hamzah” .. he was amazing! he has played another roles but this doesn’t harm his previous role as “Hamzah”.

Lujain : are there any projects in the coming days?

Mehyar : there is nothing clear yet ..Inshallah, there may be something important.

Lujain : thank you Mehyar Khaddour and Good luck!

Mehyar : thank you.

*Good Morning

credit: translation by @fabellezza; photo by Mehyar’s fan page; video by @Fatima88M