20 Words per Minute



I phoned Mamu right after i arrived in my flat in Kampung Inggris several weeks ago. He asked me to phone him since he worried about me. He knew that my trip to Kediri was my first time. And for the first time staying without my family. I’ve said him before, through email, that i met my friend in Kediri so i’d be fine. but he kept asking me to phone him. Okay. I phone him for the first time, since my English is broken i always made excuse i couldn’t phone him.

Before i phoned him, i have practiced listen to Indian actor talking in English. My God, i couldnt catch that actor’s English. And it was as same as when i talked to Mamu. I felt such an idiot. I couldn’t get his English at all, okay only one thing before i ended up the conversation. i only talked about 17 minutes. And you know, the stupid me, i didn’t set the cheaper way for international call so i lost much credit, i spent 110.000 Rupiahs. LOL. i┬ádidn’t care at that time, but now i feel like “i can buy 2 books with that amount, my God!!.”

After that, he mailed me and explain about what he said on the phone, he wrote that he could get my English and understood if i couldnt get his English. And he informed me that US people talks 8 words per minute while Indian people talks 20 words per minute. Wow, no wonder!

credit pic here.