The awkward moment is when you are driving a motor bike, stuck on traffic, and you are speaking in English to yourself like anything. Then person beside you who is on motor bike too, staring at you confusedly. Like ‘what the hell is she speaking?’ LOL.

I am improving my English, man. Easy.

Big Questions

How come a man can say that he loves her even though now he’s on going to get married with another woman?

How come a man can say that love only happen once in life, others are nothing?

So if that love already happened between him and her, then he will not feel the same love to another.

How come a man can say, “i still love you, 24 hours my head full of you. But I decide to leave you for ever”? What?

Love needs a sacrifice, man.

How come a man can pretend to love another woman while his heart still shouts her name?

How come a man can do those?

How come?

It is only happened after they took every thing so serious.

So please, don’t say “I love you” to a girl, if you don’t mean it. Because she will believe.

To him that hurts her but untamed still.

Embarrassed Dream (Again)


Again. I dreamt about nothing. it was at my elementary school. I was there like a senior student. Four things that makes me wonder, why could I dream about that? (1) I took wudlu, then when I wanted to come back to the class, (2) I noticed that I didn’t wear pants, only tshirt left, then I felt like I never feel embarrassed I walked in front of students which gathered in school’s yard where (3) one of my teacher had speech in English. I walked to my class then (4) I was ready to study. Hmmm. One thing, I often dream as a girl without full dress while walking through crowded. Yet I don’t feel embarrassed. What ashamed.

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