Mehyar Khaddour on Shabahal Khair Ya Arab (Translated)

Mehyar Khaddour


Shabahal khair*~

How beautiful this morning is… i woke up from my sleeping beauty, checked twitter and i got this translation from my friend, Fatima. Thank you dear~ Although some said this interview was the same with others, nothing special, but this is my first time to know what Mehyar talks about in the interview… ^^ Mehyar is an actor from Syria who has a part of Omar series, his role as Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed who well known as ‘A Sword of God’.. hope you enjoy this video and dont worry, Fatima has translated for you.. ❤

Lujain : Today, we host Syrian actor Mehyar Khaddour, Good morning! Mehyar.

Mehyar : Good morning.

Lujain : yesterday, my mention was filled by your fans! They want me to ask you some questions! but I already have my questions for you!
In your previous interviews, you already talked about “Omar” series.
we noticed despite uproar over “Omar” series, there are a lot of actors hoped to be part of this project!
so you played an important role “Khalid bin Waleed”!
we know that many actors had played this role, but you did your own arrangements specifically for this role.
so, tell me more about the difficulties and challenges you’ve faced.

Mehyar: From the first moment I realized the difficulty of this role! because of the large number of those who have played this role! so, you should be looking for something special, unique and new for this role!
“Khalid ibn al-Walid” was known in history, readable in books, and his role represented many times in some series and movies! so, it was a bit hard for me!
Therefore, there were a number of preparations so i can do something different.
This experience was really distinctive and enjoyable for me.

Lujain : did you ever reach a point, where you say to yourself “I regret taking this role”?

Mehyar : Never! this what i called “creative worrying”.
your fatigue disappears once the scene ends, you can read this effort through public reactions whether they loved it or hate it.

Lujain : What do you think of the uproar over the series? were you concerned about it?

Mehyar : of course!
well, i’ve read public comments about “Omar series”.
there were some people against, and some people were with.
I’ve concluded that the controversy was a good somehow!
who was against the series is because he loves Omar and who was with it is because he loves Omar too!
so, the controversy was only about love! i think it’s a beautiful thing.

Lujain : when actor plays a role, it will affect him in one way or another.

how about you? to what extent are you affected by the personality of Khalid ibn al-Walid? especially because you took too long in the filming period.

Mehyar : i am affected by bruises that lasted for a long time after the series .

Lujain : we saw you do the movement by yourself, they didn’t use a comparse.

Mehyar : yes! i insisted that i’ll do all the movements by myself
, because 80% of Khalid ibn al-Walid activities is on the battlefield, so the play space for me as an actor is on the battlefield, if i didn’t do it all by myself so what should i do?! at the same time the director has become more comfortable with the camera, also i wanted to give this character something special.

Lujain : you said “bruises” .. do you really get bruises? is it deliberately or by mistake?

Mehyar : Certainly not deliberately! I’ve fallen off the horse several times, I’ve been hit with axe, too.

Lujain : how about horse riding and fencing, did you learn that at the Institute?

Mehyar : No, not literally ..I basically ride horses, but i’ve learnt some skills required for fencing on horseback such as a fall from horseback, standing on horseback .. sometimes it requires fencing with two swords! using the left hand was a bit hard for me, so i had to practice.

Lujain : I wonder the sword was heavy or light?

Mehyar : In previous makings it was a fake sword, but it was real this time.

Lujain : Playing the role of Khalid ibn al-Walid was a big responsibility .. everyone is looking forward to your next roles .. so, do you believe that it would restrict your choices?

Mehyar : i don’t think so .. i am very selective, I read the script first .. if I didn’t like it ..nothing obliges me to do it! So, I’m looking for good roles that I can give it something.

Lujain : Let’s talk about your role in “Antara”

Mehyar : it was my first experience!

Lujain : Tell me about the differences and similarities between your role in “Antara” and your role in “Omar”?

Mehyar : Similarity lies in the geographical nature.
But the characters are quite different!
Urwah ibn al-Ward, were known as su’luk or vagabond poets and Khaled is completely different! but now we’re working more creatively! Unlike the first experiment because in “Antara” I was standing in front of the camera for the first time, I was still a student in third year! but it was a good experience.

Lujain : sometimes fans are controlling actor’s life and his choices, some fans believe that the actor must selects roles that does not conflict with previous roles.. what do you think?

Mehyar : each one has a viewpoint, i think it’s better if we can separate the actor from his role .. i’m actor and acting is my career! I can play any role.
like Anthony Quinn! he starred in the movie “The Message” as “Hamzah” .. he was amazing! he has played another roles but this doesn’t harm his previous role as “Hamzah”.

Lujain : are there any projects in the coming days?

Mehyar : there is nothing clear yet ..Inshallah, there may be something important.

Lujain : thank you Mehyar Khaddour and Good luck!

Mehyar : thank you.

*Good Morning

credit: translation by @fabellezza; photo by Mehyar’s fan page; video by @Fatima88M


Samer Ismail Quick Quiz on Nawart Show (September 2012)


My friend said it’s difficult to find more about Samer, and if you find some things about him on internet, they might be fake, because Samer is a new actor and has no any interview before he played as Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. So, this show may help Samer’s fans to know about him. Let’s check this out, here’s our lovely Samer Ismail~^^

Samer Ismail In 90 seconds, let’s go!
Q: Syrian nationality, from Homs, Where were you born?
A: Al-Riyadh “Saudi Arabia”
Q:your date of birth?
A: 8 \ 7 \ 1985
Q:how much weight did you gain to reach the desired weight ?
A:I don’t know exactly, but almost between 10-12 kg
Q:How ?
A:I tried to make a diet by myself\NQ:food or Medicines ?
A:NO! Certainly not Medicines
Q:which actor has helped you to play this character ?
A:i worked in the beginning with Ghassan Massoud
Q:do you have any professional experiences before Omar ?
A:yes, To some extent .. but It wasn’t a great experience
Q:Rumor or reality that you will retire five years to make people forget your role in “Omar series” before they accept you as an actor ?
A:absolutely rumor
Q:what is your Academic qualification?
A:i Graduated from the “Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts” (Damascus)
Q:what is Your marital status?
Q:Married or Single?
A:No, I’m not married
Q:How many brothers and sisters do you have?
A:we’re three guys and one girl
Q:your father is an artist?
Q:he was against you for being an actor?
A: No, he was against acting as a career, but he loves to see me an actor
Q:Before you knew that you will play the main role of “Al Farooq Omar” series, you are prepared to play .. ?
Q:Who convinced you to play the role of Omar?
A:You don’t need someone to convince you to play the role of Omar!
Q:You’re already convinced.
Q:You said that you couldn’t sleep when they offered you the role in “Omar” .. after it’s aired .. were you able to sleep?
A: so far there’s something strange is going on in my life not just only about sleep There’s a strange energy you receive from the world you just have to deal with it
Q:are you satisfied with the results ?
A: “Alhamdulillah”, of course! it’s more than i expected!

*Ghassan Massoud is a cast of Omar series who played as Abu Bakr Ash Sidiq ra

credit: Eng translation by @GATTOGAA; Video upload by mbc


Samer Ismail Interview on Kalam Nawaem Show (September 2012)

Samer Jamal Ismail 


Hehe, im interesting about Omar nowadays, dont know how long it will be happen like this. This is a video of Samer Jamal Ismail, a cast of Omar, on Kalam Nawaem show. This is a talk show, they talked about Samer and his experience as Omar Ibn Al-Khatab. Click the video above, and if u dont understan Arabic, i supplied with English translation.

Start at 2:17

MC: let’s welcome Samer Ismail & Shadi Abu Al-Auon Al-Sood (official graphic) in Omar series. How did you feel when you know that u will represent this role (Omar Ibn Al-Khattab ra) .. Private and it’s a great role for a great personality.

Samer : Of course this role has had a great impact on my life. When i was at different stages of training, i dont know that i’m going to do this role. But in the make up session, started doubting, im going to play the role of the main character mini series.

After a periode, director told me that im going to perform this role. My feeling was mixed. i felt a big responsibility, anxiety and excited at the same time.

MC: Say that the director has chosen bcoz sonorous voice, like Omar.. Is this make you happy? He has chosen only for voice not represent you?

Samer: I graduated from a private college, director Hatem knows I mastered acting like other graduates. in order to choose me for the role of Omar, remained physiological characteristics and qualities, those are similar with Omar. I thank Lord because he blessed me with these qualities so I can represent this great personal.

MC: heard they stipulated you that dont represent a period of 5 years… until the separation between actor and personal in the mind of the people? is it cruel to you sign these terms and you are in the first artistic career?

Samer: First, i shall refer to the previous question, including voice. for information my voice didnt appear in the series, it was dubbed the voice of another. so dont make my character associated with Al-farooq Omar personality, may Allah be pleased with him.

MC: is not that your voice in the series?

Samer: No, its not my voice

MC: dubbed?

Samer: Yes, as for your question about stop representation, this is not true, and im not going to stop acting.

MC: let me tell you a wonderful thing, i have a book ‘Genius of Omar’ by Akkad, for 35 years and i didnt read it, but after the series, i read it.

Omar: hehehe Alhamdulillah


At 10:37

MC: Samer, such that there are positive of fame, there are downsides. Do you have problems og this fame?

Samer: Alhamdulillah, when people love you, it’s gaining great power.. Overwhelming joy.

For me, i am currently not assimilated this now, fame came suddenly. But I’m sad at the same time. because this happy moment of my life, to keep pace with the very painful events in my Syria. of course there are downsides of fame, of which i became responsible for every word I say…

And i dont have any official account on the internet never. but only my old page on facebook. Unfortunately many of people make a many fake page about me. And spoke about me in incorrect words. For exemple my religion, sect or political. And this hurt me and my family too.

With that, i thank the owners of those pages, because they did these act to love me. but i wish they will stop doing this. bcoz it hurts me so much. Conclusion, i dont have any twitter account only an old page of facebook, but i will create twitter accpunt later and i will announce it.


at 14:18

they talk about the matrix effect, if im not mistaken, in this series when the war section, the Omar’s graphic crew used the matrix effect, off course you all know about this movie and its effect. and they talk about Monica Bellucci, seriously i dont know who’s her, but maybe an actress from Matrix movie.. in this show, they’re laugh, and Samer interrupt when they talked about Monica. he said, “for the presence of Monica Bellucci hehehe”

and it done^^


Ohya, if you dont know what the meaning of Al-Farooq Omar, Al-Farooq is the nickname of Omar. like Rasulullah said to Omar that Allah seperates by you between the truth from falsehood.

and this, i got from my friend, Ghada, she suggest me to follow this account, she thought it is Samer real account which he told in this show that he will create the official one. if you dont mind please follow @j_ismaeel .. inshaAllah it’s the real Samer.^^

credit: translation by @HaifaAlYahya ;video upload by @Fatima88M