Boy: Married separately. living happily now

Girl: so they didn’t meet at all?

Boy: Yeah after their marriages they met.

Girl: For what? Hey… Are you happy now?

Boy: Just normally. Can you tell me what do you mean by happy?

Girl: All things, all aspects, condition in your life now. Are you happy now?

Boy: everything cant be happy in all aspects. sometimes we have sacrifice for others.


You: I hate you.

You: I hate you.

You: after you pinged me to stop talking and caring each other, then my father phoned me to back home and marry with someone I didn’t love at all.

You: why you did it to me? I’m only a human who has a heart also and can be hurt. i’m not a robot or a doll which can easily be played.

You: I hate you.

Me: I’m sorry, really sorry. I hate myself also. Why i must kept bother you up to now. Why I still want your caring each time. But please listen, I said to you that there’s not only you who started to love me, but I did it also. So there’s not only about your heart, but my heart also. Just be calm down. I dont want to break your heart but i think we should take a break.

You: I’m sorry…

What if this kind of situation comes to your life? i think you should be strong and be brave, yeah in any circumstance. 힘내세요!