Convo : Life For Peace

M: i just bored at work, trying to pass the time.

F: Whats ur job?

M: I’m in the navy and stationed in Japan

F: Wow, i’ve been there when i was 2 yer old. Hehehe

M: LOL nice. i hate here.

F: Nihon jin desuka? (re. are u japanese?)

M: i haven’t learned any Japanese yet.

F: really? how can you’re living there? i mean Japanese can’t speak English

M: Ive been here a year and have 2 more years left

F: surely, u must learn Japan

M: Haha nope since  i hate it i don’t want to learn it

F: Where do u live there?

M: i live like an hour from Tokyo, it’s Atsugi.

F: So, what is ur national?

M: I’m American (from this answer i just got it, he’s one of army from America, i heard news about this week that Japan is getting preparation for war with China)

M: Where do you live?

F: in Indonesia do you know?

M: Yeah i do

F: Do u ever visit Indonesia?

M: Every once in a while we will pull into port there but rare. i wouldn’t mind going there tho.

F: oh, what’s your specific job?

M: AO is my job. I load bombs and missiles on jets. 

F: oh i see, i watched news about Japan & military stuff

M: Yea there has been a lot military getting trouble here. Just people getting drunk and makin bad choices.

F: Bad choices? like what?

M: American people hurting Japanese people

F: how can u join the navy?

M: You just have to talk to a navy recruiter. You can get more info about joining at

F: joining the navy is what you want?

M: Yes, i wanted to join

F: your job is to help Japan’s military right?

M: Yes

F: before Japan, did u go somewhere else? like Korea maybe or Middle East

M: I’ve been to Korea, Bahrain and Dubai, also to Hong Kong

F: i think your work is so tiring and boring

M: Yes, it’s very tiring and boring. But i enjoy it.

F: But, what’s your passion? something else you like most to do

M: I don’t have one.

F: so you’re really get into being army, military or such thing like that. Hm, You must be have a good body & tactics or strategies? (LOL this, i begin to imagining Channing Tatum #slapmyself)

M: Yeah i work out a lot and do lots tactical training. If i’m not strong i cant do my job

F: I watched movies about military so i can imagine how

M: Lol i guess movie are a pretty good source

F: yeap, i can imagine the real things from it. movies some are based on true story/condition

M: yup they are.

F: Do you make bomb?

M: Yes i do. I make them then put them on jets. i work on the computers that control the bombs too.

F: how many members in your team?

M: 6

F: The team of navy only in Atsugi?

M: No they are all over Japan.

F: oh really? i get it now why you don’t want to learn Japan bcoz your work doesnt need to communicate with Japanese

M: Right.

F: Nice thing.

Then, i did some more KEPO questions. LOL

F: What are u doing next morning?

M: Nothing i’ll just go home and watch tv.

F: you live in dorm? tomorrow is day off?

M: No i have an apartment. Yes it is.

F: Hahaha seem like we have an interview

M: LOL yea it does.

F: Did you ever miss your family? (my stupid quetion, the answer is exactly yes, Gen)

M: All the time. it’s hard to be away. i talk to them about once a week.

F: you dont mind if people would think that u’ll ruin a peace country because you help them makin bomb?

M: No it doesnt bother me at all. i think force needs to be there to keep the peace. And we wouldn’t be here if they didn’t attack the US in World War 2

F: aaah, it’s about the past

M: History tends to repeat its self. And also we protect Japan from China.

F: I see. America help many country to get protection with military stuff.

M: Yup.

it’s interesting convo with him, his name is Mike, 23 year old. During our convo i also imagining action movies that i’ve watched about America’s army. one thing that i forgot to ask is do he get paid to work this? Load bombs, put on jets and bang! war happens. His work is interesting but tired and boring, tired because you might ruin this earth which should be live in peace, live to forgive and forget. He said that it couldn’t happen if there’s no story long long ago. But i wish, the war wouldn’t happen even it must be the only solution. I feel sorry for him because he join this mission. Especially when he said that he didn’t have any passions beside join the navy.

I wish a better life for every person in this world, to use their heart no their desire to face the reality. Life only for peace.

Convo : I Told Lie

This morning, i had talk to Lebanon guy. His name is Chris. But i want to say sorry first, because i told him a lie, i falsified my identities. I told him that i am Singaporean, bored and want to talk randomly with him. Whereas i just want to improve my English. That’s why i told a lie. 🙂 You know, Singaporeans are good in English, i tried to apathetic and be good at English. 😀

M: How’s Lebanon?

C: it’s cold here. Do you know Lebanon?

M: Yeap, in the middle east right? Is there winter?

C: Yeap.

M: Oh I wish i could see winter. it’s cold here but not winter, its raining and a bit windy

C: Oh poor Singapore. Your country is an island right? and small. But i wish my country could be like yours. Small country but rich of economy.

M: Thank you. I grateful to be here, we’re lack of resource but we can be one of developed countries.

-im afraid he would talk about economic of SG too far. i throw him a question. Before our connection lost i asked…

M: Lebanon is near to Palestine or Syria? i forgot.

C: *he explained whats in east, west ect. i didn’t pay attention :p*

M: Your country got impact of war?

C: u mean, Palestine- Israil?

M: yeap, or conflict of Syria.

C: No No, we’re fine. But politics yes.

C: Wait, you said Palestine not Israil?

M: Oh I’m Muslim btw. (here, i thank God but i told him im Singaporean because Islam Community is large also in SG LOL)

C: I’m Atheis

M: I thought you’re Christian since your name is Chris.

C: Yeah on my identity card. Lebanon is country of your religion.

M: Yeah, that’s why i know Lebanon is in middle east^^

Before we could continuing this convo, my connection lost. Ough, it’s disgusting! I mean, i bet we’re could have more fun convo then. 😦 Since i had talk to overseas people nowadays, i want to make a friend with any of them. Comparing notes, randomly chat about culture, habits, or any other knowledge that i could get from the person directly. But too bad. Maybe someday, i could get more friends from other countries especially overseas Muslims. I got 5 before, 4 girls from Saudi Arabia and a girls from Turkey. But for these 5 girls i introduced my self and told them about me without fake identities. 🙂

PS. I told right thing in that convo. Singapore is raining in that time. Before i got this convo, ive checked the weather forecast first. LOL

Don’t do this, if it’s only for fun but it’s still a lie. Lie is lie. A lie could make more lies. Hehehe. Peace.