#AliensJournal: Monolog

Dear heart, 

 “Sometimes, you just have to stop. You don’t have to chase anymore. Stay.

If they really want you.
When you stop chasing them, they will turn back. They will come for you.

If they don’t. Only if you are strong enough to endure the pain. Stay there, wait and pray. Stop chasing.

But, If you can’t hold it anymore.
Walk away. Walk away from someone who doesn’t want you. Stop being pathetic to have them. Stop being desperate to have them. It’s okay.

Remember, what is meant to you will reach you even it is beneath two mountains. What is not meant to you, will not reach you even it is between your two lips.

Above all, stay and pray. 

Don’t chase.

 – Luqman San (here)

NB: At least say something, say if im wrong. Dont be silent. O Allah, guide me. 

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