Advice to My Sisters in Islam

Advice to my sister in islam

1. Make sure to make salah a priority

2. Be careful with where you take your science from

3. Be careful with men

4. Be careful in general

5. Make sure to moisturize your skin after wudhu

6. If you wear the hijab make sure to let your hair down when you can

7. You don’t necessarily lose more hair when you wear the hijab, it’s just that the hair is kept in the hijab and falls at once when you take it off, instead of falling throughout the day

8. Salam a sister when you see one

9. Respond to the salam when you hear one 

10. Learn to take an advice even when it’s not made in the best way

11. Beautify yourself at home (especially if you’re married)

12. Know your rights as a (muslim) woman

13. Know your duties as a (muslim) woman

14. Learn about the mothers of the believers

15. Stand firm for your beliefs

16. Learn about the conditions of the hijab

17. Be careful with men

18. Just because they’re your maharim doesn’t mean you absolutely have to shake their hands

19. Support your sisters

20. Get educated when you can

21. Take care of the first half of your deen before seeking the other half

22. Don’t be all chitty chatty with men

23. Embrace your natural face and hair

24. Avoid backbiting and gossiping

25. Just because he said salam doesn’t mean that he likes you

26. Just because he smiled at you doesn’t mean that he likes you

27. Be careful with men

28. Make sure to have friends who remind you of Allah

29. Drink lots of water and your skin will glow

30. Exercise and eat healthy

31. Forgive yourself

32. Do some dhikr when you can’t pray

33. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve

34. Not everyone is your enemy

35. Not everyone is your friend

36. Don’t give yourself to anyone until you’re married

37. Love yourself

38. Shave your legs lol

39. Coconut oil

40. Be careful with men

41. Avoid pointless conversation because it often leads to no good

42. If a random guy messages you and doesn’t immediately precise the purpose of his message don’t even bother answering

43. Your mental health is important

44. Guard your tongue

45. Talk to Allah

46. Seek refuge in Allah when you get evil thoughts, no matter what they are

47. Learn how to cook for yourself

48. You don’t always have to justify yourself

49. Try out different hairstyles at home 

50. Be good to your parents

51. Those who wear the hijab have the exact same duties as those who don’t

52. Don’t choose dunya over akhirah

53. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the deen

54. Pray for your sister instead of judging her

55. Don’t compromise your deen for compliments

56. Don’t compromise your deen for money

57. Just because he has a beard doesn’t mean he’s pious

58. Repent everyday

59. Give advice in a gentle manner

60. Be careful with men

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