It reminds me of my Almarhum Pop. I ever dreamed of him, in dream he said to me, “papa mau…” but he couldnt continue then suddenly theres a paper fell down from nowhere its written Al Ikhlas and Nurjannah. I define it to Pop wanted me to recite/love surat Al Ikhlas for him and he sought the light of heaven.
In this video ustad NAK will reveal the special of this surat. Rasul pbuh said reciting it once u already recited a third of Quran. One thing, the tittle is Al Ikhlas but theres no word Ikhlas in verses. :))

Since 4 years ago i got so much benefits from NAK lecture. I recommend his videos to u guys. He is good at teaching Quran wallahi you will fall in the beautiful of Islam. Pardon me. 🙏

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