#Aliensjournal: Watch “How we become weak ~Yasmin Mogahed” #Tauhid


How we become weak

Yasmin Mogahed.

Allah tells us the most of you in the eyes of Allah is one that have taqwa.

S. Hajj: Allah gives another example. Those you call on other than Allah can not even the wing of the fly. When we seek from creation over creator you become weak.

This 3 words bassicly most profound/realization: weak is the one who seeks and that which they seek.

It means our problem is the reason why we dont have power, we are weak. Because we seek other things which are weak. When it goes away which it end up leaving we become weak/broken. Its creation faults? No, It coz you seek from creation.

When we seek protection from anything other than creator we will be unprotected.

When u come to something dat can fulfill ur emptiness which are also empty. They cant fill u. We hv to seek from the source of power.

In Ar Rum 21:

Peace and tranquality are in your spause. Then ask Allah not to beg ur family and spause to make u peace.

Empty place inside you can only fulfill with ur relationship with Allah. It doesnt mean u only can have peace in Salah not ur relationship with family/spause/friends but u must to make sure your relationship with Allah is better. So u can find peace and tranquality or coolness of the eyes in ur family and spause. :))


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