Mimpi #8


Dear you,

I am back with my ridiculous and weird dream. Time for Yang Yoseob (Ucup) was in my dream. Randomly he appeared as my twin. Hahaha maybe it coz of our similar nose shape and same age of us. We are 26 yo btw, oh too old.
long time no get a dream of celebrity. This chingu is my favorite in Beast boyband, from Korea. His cuteness melt me, since i really want brother. I often dream about him anyway. But it happened when i was a fangirl of Kpop and no longer now.
I and him took study in Tokyo Japan, we were in a hurry to get a pee, we looked for toilet. But there’s weird the toilet has so many botton and complicated system. Well in real, i felt that i want pee maybe thats why i dream about to be in toilet. Hahaha. Ucup pushed one botton but suddenly water splash from under and it brought Ucup to the roof and he got soaking wet. Then at this time, i saw myself was like his elder sister. Took care of him, drying of his body with towel. Hahaha.
Oh really, sometimes i thought i need no man as my man but need man as my brother. To take care of me and to be loved. I want a family relationship instead of husband-wife. Oh okay, forgot it. :p
This dream was a sign that i am back to normal. No worry anymore.


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