Aliens’ Journal : Do Not Give Up

Dear you,

It seems like you have your own life now. Although I perfectly dont know what you have done, where you have been, with whom you have stayed. But I am quite sure that you are in very good mood. 

Your project always go smoothly. If there is problem, you can easily find out what should you do to make it okay. Like you said, ‘try different even though its failed’. There is no happiness in all aspect, up and down in life is very normal, but you are so practical. If its failed, you will do different way then get what you deserve as your effort.

Thanks for being positive like that. I just guessing, actually. But I know, like me who always remember what you said, I’m sure you do so. You hold my words, ‘be positive in whatever you do’. And that is you.  

They say, ‘someone who is meant for you never miss you’. Because if you are meant for me, we can find the way. One day. I still believe.

I hope you are like this, wherever you go, outside country or not, you are still being yourself. With your kindness you can find some beautiful person. With your sincere you will find some trustworthy person. With your love you can find yourself through people.

If what i wrote above is fit with what you are now. It because… I always secretly said ‘don’t give up’ to you in every prayers, and God has extended it.

Be happy. 


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