Aliens’ Journal : Speak Up

Dear you,

I visited my friend’s house today. One of my friend visited her and invited me to join. Well, this friend has already got married and has one daughter. Even though her house is still in one sub district as mine but i rarely to visit her.

Today, we talked randomly about our activities nowadays, me still with the daily routine as finance staff in one of Korean advertising agency in Jakarta, my friend (the hosted) is busy with her daughter (9 months old) doing household also busy with her social charity, and another friend is busy with her social activity too in Bantar Gebang Bekasi. As I and another friend are still single, no boyfriend, but only me have no plan for getting married soon. My friend positively thought that after Lebaran she will be surprise us with her wedding invitation. Well, i hope it will be happen soon for you, Yuni. But me, i dont think so, after Lebaran which it is only about 20 days remains, i dont really think that i can get the right person instantly and sending invitation for wedding. Everything takes time buddy, and for having my own future family is not about finding your soulmate then one or two months later you can get ready for the wedding, we need a process, i think 6 months or a year is okay to settle everything. Because it doesnt only about the wedding party, the ceremonial, getting congratulation greetings from friends, update on social media, change the status on facebook from single to be married with… its about for your rest of life. 

If you say that I’m selective, oh YES OF COURSE. I know, theres nobody completely sure about whom she will be marry. is he the right person or not when she is on process to get married. But at least i dont want to take in a rush, and also do not take seriously at the beginning. 

I am typically hard to fall in love with someone, but after I fell, i got constantly can not be distracted. And I’m typically feeling something from heart, what my heart or instinct says about him or about what love is.

One thing that should be considered to be my husband, he must be a muslim, practicing muslim is benefit for me, so he already has basic to be a good person in family. Then as you know, what Allah’s wiiling is in our parents’ willing. So he must convince my parents that he will take care of me, be a responsible man for me, for my children, for my future and the point is for my religion. I dont think about have to marry with the pious person, because I’m not pious. I want to live balance. In one aqidah is the basic of our marriage, that’s it.

Beside that, maybe I only need a chemistry. Doesnt mean he has to have the same hobbies, has the same characters, no, live in diversity is okay for me. One thing is we can respect for each other, we can learn about how to be loved and love each other. Also, i need a friendship relationship with him. He must be my soulmate in every thing. We understand each other because we care for each other, we can do communications actively, learn everything together, yeah like best friends. 

I dont only want have a family for him and for my children but also a home, a place to gather some knowledge, love, care, peace… I need a friendship feeling for each other. Because there is no ex friend in life. Right?

So please send du’a for me, because it may comes to you also, that we can get what we want as what we deserve. 🙂 Thanks for reading. Have a good night!


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