Aliens’ Journal: Cooking

My first Aglio Olio. Its look appetizing right?


Its just need olive oil, garlic, topping (mustard, shrimp, meatball), salt, spaghetti, and parsley.

I remember when i told you a guy asked me about my cooking skill, and you replied ‘Oh you can not cook anything, you must learn it from your mom, how you can meet a guy without cooking skill. There’s no man who can accept girl who doesn’t have cooking skill’ Then you boast yourself sent me picture of potato curry that you made. Huh. When i ask, ‘If there is no man, then how about you’. You replied, ‘except me, i will be a chef for you’. Eisshhh~


Look at this. Another pasta ala Madam G. Verryyy delicious.

Its my reverenge. I can cook Italian food.

And wait until i visit your mom and try to cook traditional food from your home town.


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