What happened for today?
– I arrived office at the exact time that mr Kim asked
– Mr Kim was out of office so we worked in peaceful
– Client paid me over 1 billion
– Talked about traveling with our office accounting consultant, he already visited many beautiful place in Indonesia spc the beaches
– Mr Kim said that I’m beautiful in skirt yeah its not the point for this list sih but, I always appreciate with everyone’s saying about myself. And said that I’m look like good wifey and said next time if I have husby he must be proud of me. Thanks anyway, I don’t care if it was ‘basa-basi’ or not
– even though I failed to watch The Fault in Our Stars, but this is the first time I visited Jakarta in the night after working hour in weekdays, talking with my bestie Insana… Share feeling with her… Went to bookstore etc
– I was on train at 10pm. Yeah I know and I don’t like train system in Jakarta but I always like to be in train. Idk.

Well, the list above actually its not the point of this posting sih.. Now I’m waiting for the sleepy pick me up to the dreamland. The ‘Ever’ in this posting subject is about my beloved friend, my dream-come-true person. I ever had someone that knows me well, someone that I don’t like most but I love wholeeeee part of him. We are no longer friend but I’m sure we are still but pretending to be ‘don’t care’. The person I miss most than everything that was in my past. I ever had some one loves me much, so he thought that loving me is not always having each other. Loves me in silent. I thank to God I ever had that person in live.
I don’t want to forget him, I don’t want he lost from my head even though I already have husby. I just want him only to be in my memory, not something that I regret. But I can move on… I want to make him as my idea, my influence, my spirit for always keeping the positive thought.
I’m sorry for my husby in the future. My heart has stolen by someone, but don’t worry, I know what I should and have to do if I’m your wifey.
He doesn’t know anything about this. I keep this feeling alone. Then if I marry you, husby, you must know everything about the relation I EVER shared with that guy.

Okay skip. Hahaha. For girls, don’t take any serious, if you feel sad, gloomy, frustrated, hang out with friends and have some fun.!!

Now already midnight… Good night!!^^
Allah knows.

– Madam G

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