Dear you,

What is word ‘intimacy’ for you?
As i found at Oxford Advance Learner Dictionary of Current English (which i got from my grandfather, its written years 1994 on book)
in-ti-macy /’ɪntɪməsi/ n (pl-cies) 1 [U] the state of being ~; close friendship or relationship; illicit sexual relations. 2 (pl)~ actions, e.g caresses or kisses.

Maybe you will think about sexual intercourse every time you hear that word. I have another definition for the meaning of intimacy.

Intimacy is when you have been waking up at 3 AM, talk randomly with someone you adore/love, butterflies on your tummy every time you talk with him, and when his name or his appearance often pop up at your thought, also every time you wake up from your sleep he is the first thing across your mind.

That’s intimacy for me.


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