Color Run For A New Hope

Dear you,

One of my dream is to celebrate Holi in India. But there is no chance to fly to India. There are two reason, because I don’t have enough money to go there and basically it is not Holli day in India. So, 2 weeks ago I joined a color run event on my campus University of Indonesia. Very interesting, firstly I can do my hobby, running, secondly I also took a participation on charity with join this event. and third, i got HAPPY!

I went to campus with my ENCORE friends. We enjoyed alot especially when we could got the finish line, we poured the Holli powder, it was so much fun!! oh I hope I could celebrate Holli festival in India. Aameen. 

The event title is ‘color run for a new hope’, i hope a better day ahead, without any worry about tomorrow. And I wish i can find my other half next year sooner or later. Not only my other half, my best best best friend ever for the rest of my life. I know, and I believe, in another part of this world there is someone called my soulmate. I hope. Aameen.

Here is some pictures we took at the event. 








Next time, if there is a color run event like this, i will join! 꼭!

photos by @PRIMEGK


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