Things I did/got before 25

Dear all,

This year will be my turn to be on 25 years old. Wow Alhamdulillah, all things happened bitter and sweet. ‘You did well so far, Genis.’ So thankful to Allah I still can get lots of opportunity ahead.

Before I will become much excited. I want to try counting list the thing I did/got before 25. Here we go:
» Bachelor degree
» Someone said ‘I love you’ like a truecc
» Meet beautiful people and making halaqah with them
» Met soulmate-alike
» Watching movie alone and with someone from my friends (boy)
» Solo trip to East Java
» Seeing sunrise and hiking a Bromo mountain
» Finding some people I adore, Umar bin Khattab (the 2nd of Islamic leader) and ustadh Nouman Ali Khan (Islamic teacher lives in USA)
» Making a cross-culture relationship
» Have some foreigner friends (girl)
» Start up bussiness with friends which is an online bookstore @tsurayyaID
» Trying bussiness with Pop

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