Mimpi #6


Actually, I feel shy to tell about what i dreamed last night. It happened when i was in REM sleep condition. Because i got that dream right before i woke up. I don’t want to mention all things i saw at that dream. You, hahaha, it is ridiculous, cheap, but one thing, I think girls/women will dream about it too, and they must be have got this dream, not only boys/men. Okay, I dream about something, you can say, like, hemm, hahaha, embarrassing moment, oh My God please forgive me first. I saw an adult scene in my dream. Please forgive me, God.

I can not write further, because it is disgusting. It came randomly. I didn’t see or think or whatever about it before sleep. No. But it came randomly as I said. It must be from evil. But i want to know, if women/girls had dreamed like this. Let me know if you, girls, have had that.

Ignore my dream, but please give me some responds.


Mimpi = dream


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