Reading Like Watching


“Read: it’s like watching a  movie in your head.” – Illustration by Eric Comstock

My habit while reading a book, is I must to read like I am speaking. That’s why i can not finish one book in a day. Because I often read slowly like I narrate to myself. If there is a conversation, i often read as speak, with a tone and sometimes mimic. But not a loud, I speak in thought. Whatever its genre like an applied book, fantasy, fiction, biography. I must read like I speak. And the most fun thing is when i read a novel, fantasy or fiction, I feel like I am the director who arrange the location, time setting, character’s appearance and so on.

Now i am still reading a children book by Clara Ng, ‘Princess Bajak Laut & Alien’. Its story about some of children who venture in their imagination. Meet some weird characters. Have a battle with monsters and more. And I feel like watching a movie then.

Hemm for you, what is your habit while reading a book?


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