Mimpi #2


I think, I’m totally mess lately.
Some problems of mine was brought into my dreams.
Its bloody disguisting.
I have not wanted to share things into this blog actually, but I really want to write it down. Err. My dreams lately were regarding to my problems in real life.

Before, I wrote about my nightmare, almost nightmare actually, since it was about ghost, nearly about gosht even though at that dream I didn’t see a ghost, but the spooky feeling.
After I woke up from that dream I continued my sleep then I got another riddiculous dream.

Keyword: run (yeah almost my dreams about running, but I don’t know what i was reaching for), wearing mukena -an outfit for prayer of Muslimah-, some of my old friends from school (junior and high school friends, in boys. They are almost fill in my dream, idk), I look like was shy.

I don’t really remember the exact story but firstly, I was running, alone, along the road that I guess it was near to my junior high school building. I was wearing mukena. Then I stopped in front of house which is a place that I took course when I was 11, like a ‘bimbel’. And I don’t know why, when I saw some of my friends in boys running from the back, I turn around and back forth to a place that I started. But I covered my face. Simply, I didn’t want my old friends knowing me that I still exsist. Its riddiculous. I was shy with all my friends at that dream. I didn’t want people see me or notice me.

Oh my God. I can’t understand the meaning of every dream but I wander, why I often got a dream that I was running there. Almost every dream.

Ya Allah, my dreams annoyed me. I want to live calmly, and don’t want to feel so much worries.

Do you think I should come to a doctor? Haha that’s too much, Gen.

Robbi inni limaa anzalta ilaya min khairin faqir.

Mimpi: Dream

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