God please, okay I am quite sure I (still) can not forget about him for several months ahead but at least please, don’t be his things or memories about our time when we were together hunt me. I am tired, really. Today’s morning I heard a song that he shared on tv, whereas it is nerd song which i thought it only could be watched on Youtube.

It is enough, God. Okay, he is like someone I knew on my vision but we can not go further. You know what i mean God. I should moving on and chasing my dream, without delusion about him or about what if we can be real. Ah, damn. Please God. I am afraid if I kept him on my mind, i could not find a real and better man for my future. Please. He is good to me, nice and kindhearted but I need someone who can be my partner, real partner. 

I never thought it was fault, liking/admiring someone is never false. But to attach that feeling, it is a big fault. 😥 Help me.


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