Almost is Never Enough


Today I had interview with Mr Ramakrishnan, 2nd Secretary of India Embassy Jakarta. Hehe been honored I’ve been given this opportunity to interview with him, altough I don’t know exactly who he is.
Well I applied without any reason for interns in India Embassy Jakarta. They open vacancy only for three interns to get some experiences work in diplomatic mission and English work environmental. Hehe it ia not my background but when I googled what kind of internship program in embassy, what kind of the jobs. It is like filing, combining file in excel and word, writing article, translating any news from Indonesia into English. And that was what Mr Ramakrishnan said to me, if I’m not mistaken. Hehe because you know, Indian English is too fast and not clear.

I’ve talked with my Indian friend before, and I couldn’t get any of his words, but today I understood from his mimic. Hahaha. I don’t know whether I will be accepted or not. But when interview I asked if this internship will be continue to employer position. But he said, there’s no vacancy now except for protocol assistant but he seek a male because the job needs over time work. So he only could tell me we can assest you later but we only have interns position now for three month. Sigh. I should say bye to this opportunity which there is no fee for interns. I told him I was seeking a job. But yeah, what could he say… Unfortunately.
Haha. Fine. My dream for working in English environmental must delay. Actually the reason why I tried to apply this interns, I have a dream work in NGO International and participate in UN or ASEAN or PBB. Hahaha my dream is too high.
Okay, almost is never enough. I dreamed if I work there, and be an assistant for a division there maybe I could fly to India and take part in Indonesia Embassy New Delhi. LOL
It because of my check shirt chocolate man, I become like India.
Same with my story with Alien. Almost is never enough. T_T
But okay, I will be back two years later to that build, the India Embassy Jakarta for Visa registration. 2015 at least. To Uttharakand or Andra pradesh or some cities Banglore and Hyderabad. Maybe for honey moon. Hahahaha day dream again. Maybe I should watch the Secret of Life of Witty so that I would not daydreaming again.

Okay, its fine 😉

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