Tongkat Musa for 2014

I often tweet or write a status of this. “Bismillah Tongkat Musa.” So, what’s that? Is that something related to Prophet Musa (As)? Hemmm, i can say, yes. But it is not about Musa (As) and history of his life, it is about my project with 3 friends of mine. To be a better woman and productive muslims, i will start to take a role as an entreprenuer. I mentioned about it in my article about Tongkat Musa before.

Today I met up with friends to take finale decision when we start to sell our inventory. So, dont miss it any detail about Tongkat Musa then, maybe i will announce it soon, maybe on Thursday. Please, I request a du’a (pray) for success of this project. Its mission is to provide knowledge about Islam. We concern about parenting, pre-marriage, muslimah and fiqih (in advance).

Uwa, bismillahirrahmannirrahim.


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