Officially announcement. Ssst, Just keep quite. I will announce a guy who has been living in my mind since High School. Do not tell others, it is something ridiculous but i really want to share with you. Because this guy is really my dream boy, and i really really adore him.

I don’t have to introduce his name, his occupation, his background. I met him at course, we were friend at starting. But all things began without knowing. I did not know when or where i started to adore him. These are #11ThingsAboutYou (him):

  • Graduated from Engineering Department in reputable university outside Indonesia
  • Second child in family, has one elder sister only.
  • Has a group of best friends, and all are boys from college, 3 boys. One of them is his roommate.
  • Before we met he just broke up with his girlfriend, only dating one girl.
  • No smocking, no cat, do sport (soccer and cricket, for Cricket i dont have any idea where he could play it) but has history of back pain.
  • Singing, no dancing but fluent in playing guitar
  • Virgo (his birthday on September) that is why i often postponed my birthday party so i could celebrate with him
  • Blood type O
  • got an motorcycle accident, it is single vehicle accident, almost fatal.
  • Love his mom (ibu) more than his father (ayah)
  • Often phone me before sleep, then say ‘neng, anjayo now?’ we talk in 3 language, Bahasa/Sunda, Korean, English. If I still awake, then he will sing our favorite song, ‘couple song’ by Ra.D.

Hahaha, that’s my dream boy. And he is still exist now. Sometimes. And i found a guy who is almost same with him. Believe it or not.


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