Things Muslim Women Needs To Know

  • How to read the Quran properly with Tajweed and understand the meanings of each
  • To learn the sciences of Hadith, the Seerah of the Prophet SAW and the history of the woman of Sahabah and Taabi’en
  • Acquire much knowledge in Fiqh as she needs to ensure that she has the grasp of the basic principles of her religion
  • Direct her primary specialty in life, which is to take proper care of her house, husband, family and children, for she is the one whom Allah SWT has created specially to be a mother and to give tranquility and happiness to the home
  • The one whom Islam has given honor and immense responsibility of raising intelligent and courageous children

Source: Muhammad Ali Al Hashimi


My mother and sisters have schedule to learn about Tajweed every Sunday after Maghrib. My mother say don’t be lazy wife then, be a proud daughter in law. My father say it is time for you not to waste time with playing, it is time for you to think about future, your future husband and family. I have friends who usually share about Surah/Hadith. I often get text from friends which ask me about Fiqh. Alhamdulillah. My life support me to be better.

I don’t mean to boast myself. But please ukhtifillah, learn all things above together we have responsibilities about future. I open to you all discuss or share those things. I love you, ukhtifillah.


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