Distance Does Not Matter

Having a long distance relationship is more difficult than any others.

Not only with our lover but also with parents, sisters, brothers and friends.

You have to control your emotion, to save your feeling for his/er feeling. It’s not easy. Sometimes arguing can take all things bad, but sometimes arguing can make us longer.

We can earn yearning from this type of relationship. And it is the reason why distance commonly makes a relationship is getting more intimate. We can know others well, what his/er behavior, type of emotional. But a main point from this type of relationship is communication. Okay you have privacy, your own desire, your own time but if you want to have long last relationship, you have to know each other, understanding each other, you have to respect others. Protect other’s feeling from your emotion. It’s quite important to organize your emotion.

Remember, distance does not matter. If you want your relationship last please present those things : trust, respect, friendship, and understanding. And it also works for any kind of relationship.

xoxo GK.

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