My Bad Habits


My bad habbit:

  • I like to re-read my old writings. Then I feel such a relief.
  • I like to search my name on google
  • I like to waste my time to re-read my conversation with friends on mails, chat, WA
  • I like to tweet something then i remove it right after it sent
  • I like to save all conversations with friends via chatting, because i can see my self cheer, attractive on ’em
  • I like to search people i crush, i adore, on google
  • I like surfing many subject on google like about man and woman, what men want, what women need, even cross culture marriage, hemmm such a wasting subject.
  • I think about many things, like a market there is crowded. like you want shout at your head and slap it to stop those thought. All things across my mind. And maybe that is why, after i tweet about Islam or deeds, right after that i tweet about music, film, dance. yeah contrast.

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