Two Wishes

Good day to you all,

I’ve just got sick, it’s virus from mouse/mice so my body temperature was high and my eyes became red&swollen. But it is ok now, I need two days for taking rest from yesterday.

During my boring time, I always end up with daydreaming. My head always keep thinking something either serious problems or just random stuffs.

I have two wishes which I want to do it after my marriage with my beloved forever-boyfriend (read. Husband), I has thought about it for long time, these are like my big dream.

1. Riding merry go round
As I remember, I haven’t ride merry go round by myself. But I really do like merry go round pictures, I collected some from tumblr. So, after I got married with someone I want to ask him to ride merry go round together. Only with my husband.

2. Random travel
My travel experience is slightly enough. I don’t have any chances to make trip to many places. So after my marriage I want to make a random travel or trip with my hunny lovely sweety forever-boyfriend (read. Husband). We pack some clothes for 3-5 days trip. Then go to airport and look what airline that ready for flight, it could be a domestic trip or overseas (for country which is no need a visa). And also it doesn’t need a planning before, because it is call random travel. We will do some fun with many surprise.

It’s sound silly, but that’s me. I want to do silly stuffs with my half of me đŸ˜€

.:my room at 16.30:.

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