I Am Not

I enjoy K-pop songs
But I’m not Kpoppers, at least not anymore
I like listening to Hindi songs
But I’m not Bollywood lovers
I still listen to Western songs
But again, I am not a fanatic of ’em
And how about Indonesia songs?
Yes I like those also

I like music that’s it.

I like watching movie
But I am not movie maniac
Who always do that on my day off
I really love reading
With or without a jar of buiscuits and a cup of tea
But I am not a bookworm
I can waste my time just talking to my cat, Huki
But I am not a cat lover
I spend my weekend writing on my laptop
But I’m not a writer, I haven’t create a book yet
I’m just amature

Those are my hobies, that’s it.

They say I’m a type of friendly person
But I’m not really kind of that
I just act some good deeds because I have to do so
They say I am an introvert
But I don’t think so, I am not too quite
Sometimes I can not stop talking
So am I an extrovert?
That’s also I am not

Bees fly birds sing
Rain drops in the early morning
No matter what people say that’s
What I am not…

.:.commuter line Gomdangdia-Depok.:.

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