To Elaborate Upon Your Imagination


I went to Indonesia Story Festival at Perpustakaan Pusat UI yesterday. I went by myself. And enjoyed performance of children songs which sang by a group called ‘Popzzle’. I sang along song ‘Berkumpul’, ‘Hai Becak’ and ‘Ular naga’ with the children. And i still remembered those lyrics. It was so fun, because i really love children song.

After that i joined ‘Ayo Belajar Dongeng’ workshop, it was about 2 hours. Learning about how to be good at story telling. I have written down the Techniques and tips of telling story in previous article, here (sorry it was wrote in Bahasa only).

The class was so fun, i learned about how to make an expression, practice your voice, your gesture, then in the end one of us were asked to tell a short story with key words: jarum (pin), tokek (gecho) and pintu (door). The class were taught by Kak Ariyo who is known as a storyteller. He has lot of mimics, he can imitate much things. Nice person i think.

From that class, I learned that tales is just simply telling a story. You only need book to be read to your children, tell them with the expression, and feel free to enjoy the imagination with them. You don’t have to elaborate upon things just do simply by what they usually do everyday. But if you want to be a good children story writer, what you need is to elaborate upon your imagination, dig your potential to play with your mind. 🙂 

Like Kak Ariyo said, if you want to good at story telling. You just need to read, practice, and repeat. 


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