Make Du’a

With the name of Allah.

Please make dua for me. I’m going to attend the event which I will be the presenter there. Presenting my writing and ideas.
I hope that Allah will guide me, the event is going smoothly and people there can take the benefit from my presentation.

Also please read this supplication, its beautiful, MashaAllah:
Allahumma inni nasaluka min ilman nafi’a
(Oh Allah, give us knowledge that would be beneficial for us)
Allahumma inni a udhu bika min ilman la yanfa
(Oh Allah, we seek refuge in you from the knowledge that are not beneficial for us)
Wa min qalbin la yaqsha
(and from the heart that does not have fear for you)
Wa min ai’nil la tajma’
(and from the eyes that does shed tears for you)
Wa min du’a illa husna
(from the prayers that are not accepted by you)

Aamiin tsumma aamiin.
Thank you and Good night.

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