Du’a Is A Weapon For The Believers


I just want to share my experience through reciting supplication by salawat (Allahuma shalli ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad). The well-known Islam teacher in Indonesia, Ustadh Yusuf Mansyur said, if you have a wish recite salawat 10 times while imagining what you want. I’ve donte it before twice and i could get what i want. One is when i wanted to buy a ticket of B2ST concert whereas i didn’t have enough money and didn’t save money at all for it. Then miracles happened my grandfather sent me some money after he sold his land/house in Batam. Alhamdulillah. And i was pretty sure it thank to reciting the Salawat for Rasulullah Muhammad (pbuh).

And the second time it when i wanted to submit a petition for the Auditing class in short Semester last year. At that time, i struggled because the class would be open only when the class is filled with more than 20 students. Every time i went to the campus by riding motor cycle, i recited the Salawat so many time while imagining/ wishing that our major department would allow us to open the class. And in Islam, there are times which our du’a (pray) will be directly answer by God, such as when it’s raining, after Salat fardhu (5 times prayer per a day), in a third of the night, on the journey, and so on. Because i believe every du’a will be approved when i am on the journey, i recite the supplication every time i go. And in the end of  certainty whether the auditin class will be open or not, i got the bad news and it could make my 20 friends will reject the request. The major department said, the class will be open but the lecturer is still miss V, the one who gave the minus score to me and my friends. O Allah, what i did after got that news, i only thought, “it is up to you God, lahaula walaquwata illabilla (there is no power or strength except through Allâh). I only want to take the Auditing in short semester because i only want to focus on my paper in the next semester and i want to finish my university stuff in November. Please, give me your miracle…”

I dont know, even though i felt sad but i felt quite sure that Allah would give me the best thing. Then after i told to the headmaster of department about miss V and our problem, she said she would take into consideration to our problem. Then after 3 days, the department deputed another lecturer to take teaching of the first half semester and the other half semester would be taken by Miss V. And Alhamdulillah (praise to God), not only that, i got good score. 🙂

It is the proof that du’a is a sword of the believers, who believes the promise of Allah he will get what he wants through his du’a. One of the beautiful things in this world is faith, i think. We can’t see the God, we didn’t see the prophet but we believe that God’s blessing can we get bythe good deeds and supplications.

Wallahualam. One of the best thing from Islam that i love most. Positive thinking to what Allah’s plan for our life. All the best for you, be blessed! :))


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