Writing A Book


I just read about the interview with author who has committed herself to writing vivid and reliable naration of Qur’anic, a book about Islam stories. She gave advice to you who want to budding as Islamic story writer.

The first focus, as I said before, is Allah. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added to you.” If one is feeling the urge to write, one should know there is a great need for Muslim writers who are willing to write from a place of authenticity and commitment to Truth.

I would point out that the publishing industry is not in good hands at the moment. For the first time in human history vast numbers of people are reading the most astonishingly virulent poison, where there are no lines drawn between fantasy and reality, no lines drawn between good and evil, and the very idea of humanity is severely deranged. Books like this garner reviews in the thousands, each with dozens of comments. So whatever any of us can do to provide alternatives is so important.

On the practical level, writing means one thing: filling up a blank space with letters, and this can’t be done while out visiting or adventuring or daydreaming or even doing research. It can only be done in solitude sitting in a chair. That’s the bottom line. It’s easy for all kinds of things to happen but somehow that ultra simple thing can be the hardest thing to do.

I like her words, our first thing before do something is to remember that Allah is the Most Knower. so that, we have to take Him first in every our activities. Then, like one of the lecturer of Literature Department in my campus said, literature is created to provide 2 things, enjoyment and benefit to the readers. Not only for becoming galau, confused, imagining, wasting time, there must be wisdom on that.

I wish i could be the one who can provide beautiful words into a book. Amen.


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