is it just me or you also, that have 2 different side of self?

These are what my friends said about me. If you find me on cyber then you will find another me in the real life, those are different.

ImageUncommunicative, creative, like learning something new, awkward, caring, gently, active, thinking much, worry. 

Imagefirst impression not friendly, flat, but when start a friendship me is welcome to others, dont mind to spend the time for others, forgetful person, cleanliest, easily to be attracted by smart guy.

Image full expression on twitter but in real life is cool, hi-tech and inspiring.

I want to say, thanks to my friends. For being my good friend and taking a care of me. Please stay like this, to reminding each other. But i dont have anything to give you, i still trying to be open with you guys. because you already know im the person who not easily open to others. And i can be your good listener as well. I pray the best for you and hope Allah guides us to be better and keep this ukhuwah. I love you guys.



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