Random #2

Watch out, there’s an alien in my room!

Dear Penu,

Good morning, i fail again keep the promises. you said i only permissible to mail you at least on next March. but please read this, i only want to inform something, something weird happened in my room.

i got shock, trully.

When i woke up from the very long dramatic night with you, i found odd creature stood up on edge of my bed. First time i saw it, I was only shaking. I was afraid.
Slowly but sure, I came nearly. You know what did I saw? It’s ALIEN. A L I E N. I never believe about alien, because I’ve never ever seen it before.

Then i dare to give its greeting first. Ohya, i think that alien’s gender is female, since i saw the shape of its body, looks like a girl.
First she was only look at me, without saying. I accost her and ask her why she came to my room.

You know what she said, it because she heard the kunjukunna song from my room lat night. Good gracious! She said that she was from the planet called Kunjukunna. do you know it? I’ve never heard it before. I only know the 9 planets, Mars, Venus, Earth, Pluto and so on. Not Kunjukunna, it’s lol. But since i saw her face was pale and looked so sad, i kept in mind.

She also heard Kunjukunna song from your room actually, but since you are a boy, she couldnt enter it.

Then now, i make a friend with her. But i want her to turn back to her place soon, that Kunjukunna planet. Because i think she looks doubtful and sad, she needs her family and friends, not me or stay on this earth. It’s not good place for her. I want she return before night comes. Yeah you know, it because tomorrow morning I’ve should start my new job. I only want to send her home. i dont want mom & pap know there’s an alien in my room.

I dont know when will able to talk with you again. Thank you and happy Sunday Penu~ Keep this story from others. The alien is not only a story or joke, it’s true! Ssst.


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