Convo : I Told Lie

This morning, i had talk to Lebanon guy. His name is Chris. But i want to say sorry first, because i told him a lie, i falsified my identities. I told him that i am Singaporean, bored and want to talk randomly with him. Whereas i just want to improve my English. That’s why i told a lie. šŸ™‚ You know, Singaporeans are good in English, i tried toĀ apathetic and be good at English. šŸ˜€

M: How’s Lebanon?

C: it’s cold here. Do you know Lebanon?

M: Yeap, in the middle east right? Is there winter?

C: Yeap.

M: Oh I wish i could see winter. it’s cold here but not winter, its raining and a bit windy

C: Oh poor Singapore. Your country is an island right? and small. But i wish my country could be like yours. Small country but rich of economy.

M: Thank you. I grateful to be here, we’re lack of resource but we can be one of developedĀ countries.

-im afraid he would talk about economic of SG too far. i throw him a question. Before our connection lost i asked…

M: Lebanon is near to Palestine or Syria? i forgot.

C: *he explained whats in east, west ect. i didn’t pay attention :p*

M: Your country got impact of war?

C: u mean, Palestine- Israil?

M: yeap, or conflict of Syria.

C: No No, we’re fine. But politics yes.

C: Wait, you said Palestine not Israil?

M: Oh I’m Muslim btw. (here, i thank God but i told him im Singaporean because Islam Community is large also in SG LOL)

C: I’m Atheis

M: I thought you’re Christian since your name is Chris.

C: Yeah on my identity card. Lebanon is country of your religion.

M: Yeah, that’s why i know Lebanon is in middle east^^

Before we could continuing this convo, my connection lost. Ough, it’sĀ disgusting! I mean, i bet we’re could have more fun convo then. šŸ˜¦ Since i had talk to overseas people nowadays, i want to make a friend with any of them. Comparing notes, randomly chat about culture, habits, or any other knowledge that i could get from the person directly. But too bad. Maybe someday, i could get more friends from other countries especially overseas Muslims. I got 5 before, 4 girls from Saudi Arabia and a girls from Turkey. But for these 5 girls i introduced my self and told them about me without fake identities. šŸ™‚

PS. I told right thing in that convo. Singapore is raining in that time. Before i got this convo, ive checked theĀ weatherĀ forecast first. LOL

Don’t do this, if it’s only for fun but it’s still a lie. Lie is lie. A lie could make more lies. Hehehe. Peace.


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