Try Something New


Suddenly i remember the quote in mba Ollie’s book ‘Yes You Can’. It wrote that the truth is we can do everything. And someone said in that book that dont be bored. Bored means that you are not be grateful to God. I have wish-to-do-list of something that i want to do so badly in the future. Something can make me aware of time, that we live too short but we can still get many chances to do everything.


My Wish-To-Do-List:

  • Learning guitar & piano
  • Driving car
  • Take cooking course especially pastry
  • Learning math when i had a chance to be mother-to-be
  • Memorize Quran
  • Riding horse
  • Learning traditional dance
  • Make parfume
  • Mix songs like a disc jokey (DJ)

I don’t know whether i would do those above in the future or not. But those are something i want most before i die. So, what do you want to do something new before you die? 

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