Last night i had short chatting with New Mexico boy, age 16 years old, i forgot his name. In the middle of my still-on-night, he gave me a question about his matter.

Him: I wonder about something. Can i ask u?

Me: Go on.. what happen?

Him: What a woman see when 5 sec meet a guy?

Me: What’s wrong?

Him: Answer first.

Me: Well, me, his smile and his confidence.

Him: really? not the style?

Me: some of women but mine is two of those. Why?

Him: mmm, i was rejected.

Me: aaa, sorry. by your teacher? friend of your sister?

Him: No, my senior. I guessed she like me but, when i confessed, she rejected me… 😦

Me: it doesnt matter, there’s still another girl. dont be sad!

Him: that’s why i asked u about that because i dont want to fail anymore about woman. What should i do?

Me: I think u have to be yourself, do what u like.

Him: yeah

Me: dont worry, u said that u like calculus and mathematics things. and want to be an engineer someday. I think there still a girl who can love what you do, no matter what you are. Many women love a smart guy too. 🙂

Well, i never gave any suggest to a boy about this before, because i dont have brothers. My boy friends when i was in hi-school had never do like this to me. There was one told me about his crush but i only be his listener. is my advice too serious for him? im too honest :/

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2 thoughts on “Rejected

  1. Teguh Puja says:

    Actually, it shouldn’t stop there to that boy, he shouldn’t be afraid of getting failed for a second time. He definitely has a lot of chances to get what he want. 😀

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