Samer Ismail on Nawart Show Part 2 (Pick Number of Question)

Samer Ismail 

You can watch the video here >> Samer Ismail on Nawart Show part2

  • Start at 09:00 to 19:53

N : pick a number between 1-10, samer ismail.

S: between 1-10 ?

N: yes pick one number

S: i mean can i pick any number between 1-10 ?

N: when you accept the offer to play the role of Omar. Is it only for material gain? or because it’s a great opportunity, ( as a new actor ) you can’t waste it!

S: Exactly, i didn’t do it for money. I’ve been a recent graduate for one year at that time. so I was waiting for the opportunities to come successively, just like any new graduate. Then, I’ve got a great opportunity to play a great role. Certainly i’ll not care about money or thinking about consequences, i will ….

N: how much money did you get?

S: how about you! how much ?

N: how much money did you get?

S:  i’ll tell you later, how much? it was good. I don’t think i’ll get it in any other role.

N: Is it a same as who will take this role from stars in the front row ?

S: certainly not like them .. I got a good amount, I don’t think I would get it in any other role, I didn’t expect it at all.

N: you didn’t expect it ?

S: In principle, no .. because i didn’t expect that Omar series would be of this magnitude and i will play a major role in it.

N: How many zeros ?

S: Good.

N: Three Four Five Six ? two

S: are you a host from tax authority ?

N: gather taxes ready to catch him! We will back after the break to see how much money has Samer got! how much!

N: Many voices demanded to stop Omar series. did you expect “Omar series” is going to continue?

S: i was almost sure that the series will go on, because I don’t think that those people who worked for this series which is from my point of view a very noble goal. its necessary and we need it so i had a feeling that the series will continue!

N: have you succeeded or failed in your role as “Alfarooq Omar” ?

S: i think we have achieved good success.

N: Why it wasn’t your voice in the series ?

S: we filmed scenes with my real voice, it was going to be used in the series as planned! Even while they were working on dubbing the voice of Ali ibn Abi Talib. I corrected some sentences with my voice through dubbing! but i think they want to create a distance between me and the character… me “samer ismail”, my personality shouldn’t be associated with “Omar bin Al-Khattab”… this is the point, i think. Also they said my voice Should be commensurate with age stages of Omar’s life , Although it will not be completed if there was a problem in my voice! But! however, this is their choice, and I respect it .. but it hurts me!!

N: why ?

S: because we are actors , when you play any role. you will put all your spirit in any character you work on and your voice is one of the most important tools you have. so you put your spirit ,your emotion and your energy and it’s all appears in your eyes and your voice can’t dispense anything of these so there is something taken from you!! you know.. but it was in interest of the work! so, i can’t do anything! i worked so hard, starting with memorizing the scripts, it was the hardest thing ever!! i wake up everyday at 5 am! we worked until midnight, i have to memorize the whole script , about 12-13 pages! so i did my job to the fullest! i didn’t know if they are going to dub my voice! 

N: so, you felt disappointed when they decided to dub your voice.

S: yes of course! I think it frustrate anyone! but it’s not a detraction from Asaad Khalifa’s effort! he did his job! he did what they asked him for.

N: do you think you’re better than him ?

S: for me, YES! we have to listen to make a decision. When you play any role , you have to use all your tools to play this role , you know! through your clothes, tools, the desert that you live in! the sweating … etc. All these details shown the real tone of your voice. while imagine if you were in a studio recording with a microphone! that would detract from the spirit of the place and the character! i think Asaad Khalifa tried his best! but for me, i can’t accept it more than i did. many people back to read deeply in the “Biographies of Sahaba” because of the series. 

N: in other hand, there were many people who thinks that you’ve insulted “Omar” and “Sahaba” and the religion in general. what is your response?

S: first, i’m so glad to hear that some people are getting back into reading, not only about “Sahaba” who really deserve that!! but reading in general. for those people who said we destroyed the islam, i want to ask them what did they do for Islam?! we only hear that we are a backward nation in any place we go to!! on the contrary, there are tremendous efforts being made for this series throughout a year. No! exactly two years of fatigue and staying up all night. even if there was a large amounts of money paid for this work but we really tried to put all our effort and energy! after that you telling me “you are distorting islam”!! no i don’t, on the contrary we are trying to restore our image as actors for the world by our way not theirs. in a more civilized way. in a more civilized way, of course.

N and others guest: now there are some people knew a Biography of “Omar bin al-Khattab” through this series. the series has become a subject of study in … director’s idea will open the door for other ideas to come …. but Is there any historical reviews?

S: yes of course! there is a Committee from the top scholars of Islamic world too! Basically, because of the sects you can’t get a story through one reference! we tried to offer a nice thing, the real thing, all things that made this Great Caliphate! this is what we were trying to show! so how can you tell me i’m distorting Islam !! i don’t understand!!

N: There are sectarian and political statements on Facebook and on Twitter related to you, have you written these all by yourself?

S: never! i have one account on Facebook. since 2008 , actually i don’t share my views in public. unless it’s something useful. But I tried to explain that at all the shows i attended before .. I didn’t declare my sect and all what said about my sect is totally wrong! nor my political affiliation too… 

N: at the end you are a muslim, we all are muslims we love each other! this series telling you how much they were cooperating until they reached that level!

S: but people still fighting over the differences!! honestly, i don’t like to talk about this anymore, I don’t want to go into this, for anyone! i’m not like that.

N: Audience please, choose a question for Samer Ismail. question and choices. have you had any funny moments on set? or scene that get stuck in your head?

S: scene that get stuck in my head is Omar bin Al-Khattab assassination. this scene was very difficult, the chariot was there, the comparse .. everything was ready to shoot this scene. everything was ready for this moment! i was in the front and actors were in the back , i was leading the prayer, i mean “omar bin Al-Khattab” .. And in the back there’s our friends “the actors” when i get stabbed! they should come running to me! .. it was a very emotional moment! it was a very emotional moment in general, then, one of the comparse get excited!! you know .. he was like “Give me a chance”!! he pushed the actors and stood in the middle then he looked at the camera like “look at me” !! this scene took a long time and effort !!

N: what did Hatem Ali do ?

S: i’ll just let you imagine what can Hatem Ali do!

N: threw him outside ?

S: No he asked him “WHY did you do that”?! it was a nice moment! if we want to reshoot the scene we will get tired, then Hatem Ali looks at him again.. “alright !! ok !!”

I have not own either the video or the translation. sorry if i had mistaken for put the dialogue in a certain person (The MC and Samer) , because i dont speak Arabic. seriously i dont understand at all what they said.. Hope this helps you to know about Samer and become more love him.. He’s smart^^ and thank you Ghada (who translated it) for u’re hard work.

Credit: translation by @GATTOGAA; Video upload by dm_5057b599a1ce0; picture as tagged


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