My Early Birthday Gift From Someone








Dear all,

Want share something i got on my h-2 bday. A gift that I really love. Someone gave me for free. And you know someone who gave me is one of my favorite rapper in this world, okay i admire almost rappers in this world hahaha, especially Koreans. His name is sickboi, a Korean-American, i know him from my super musician i love from Korea, Ra.D. Sickboi had ever collabo with Ra.D in Mal Love Song. I followed both in twitter, and often reply what sickboi tweeted, anything even it’s not necessary to be spoken.

This pic tells what happen with me and sick oppa. And how i can get a free lenght album from him.. Check this out.


See? From simple thing become a special thing for me. i replied his twitter at that time without any special purpose. Even when i said miss his rap. It’s honesty. Then he sent me an email directly.. in email he called me GK (my twitter nick name^^) and mentioned that im the one who lucky bcoz got an album for free… Whoa, bighearted.! I love you oppa! hhee

I super duper LOVE music. Altough he is not so popular, but music is my pricious thing and it’s a gift brothers and sisters. i feel so happy. I appraciate what he gave to me. And the point is, I do adore black music, such hip hop and R&B… I have listened all tracks in that album, like he wrote in email, enjoy it girl, rap along and dance around.. hahaha seriously, i suddenly poppin’ when listened the songs…

For Sickboi oppa,

If you read this… i like you, seriously, your rap… i didnt know about you, are you really Korean? Or a Korean who lived in US for long time, or a korean who born and lived in US or anything? But your rap is clear and COOL! In my opinion, you’re better than Kanye! (Hheehe, peace&sorry Mr. West) Will you join Korean rapper like Dok2, Flowsik, Tiger JK, Zion T, Simon D or else? I really want it, i admire them too… Or with Ra.D again? That my asking… Okay, because you gave this album for free and it coincided with my birthday, i only can say THANK YOU SO MUCH and pray for your career to be more success, and wish you met your mate and get married with (ive read that ur grandma has asked you emergently) ^^. Oppa, I really enjoy all tracks!

All, try to listen this song.. i fell in love with Sickboi because of this song>> Lyricks, C-Note, Manifest, Sickboi – Lemonade (Remix)




16 thoughts on “My Early Birthday Gift From Someone

  1. Haai, chingu~!!
    i am 89er too, we are same-age-people, so i guess we are chingu 🙂
    and, as you are, i’ve just become a 23er few days ago (why am i feel sad suddenly? hahaha)
    i found your tumblr when searching ‘jo hyuna of urban zakapa feat. geeks – stay’ lyrics, then here i am 🙂
    btw, happy birthday (though it’s a lil bit too late, kekeke)!
    and i love kpop, some underrated kpop too, and i guess i love the one that you suggested above! nice melody, i dont really into rap and r&b but still love this kind of music cuz of the melody…

    okay, i guess i am talking too much again. haha
    that’s all~~
    btw, nice to meet you and glad to i’ve been ‘lost’ here! kekeke

    • hi anak kucing, i love kitten btw~~^^
      oh nice to meet you thanks for visit, heheh we have some commons, our age and interested to music & K-underrated. glad to see you here.
      Happy bday to you too, heee i know how u feel that sad suddenly. anw, enjoy ur days! 🙂

      • btw, i will follow your tumblr..
        i will try to listen every song in your index.
        i’m looking for new songs for my playlist.
        listening to popular music is kinda boring sometimes, that’s why i love underrated song.
        and i guess your index gonna give me something new and fresh. hahaha

      • what kind of music that u like most? folk, jazz, bosanova, pop dance? i like rnb soul very much.. maybe i can recommend u some songs

      • i dont really have any specific genre that i like.hohoho
        as long as it has a nice melody and lyrics i will definitely like it 🙂
        i love urban zakapa, standing egg, and 10cm..
        so, maybe what i like the most is jazz or folk? idk.. ekekeke..

      • same with me, honestly i like all kind of music, its depend on the melody&its singer.. me too, i like them but Standing Egg, only like some of all their songs. mostly i like rnb soul like urban zakapa, and Ra.D

      • ya 1sagain is nice…his song is ear catchy… wah, u must listen Ra.D songs, it’s also recommend. did u heard 2PM – Only You? Ra.D composed that song. im sure u will like his songs.. mmm i recommend u to listen ‘I’m in love’.. the remake song was sang by Narsha Brown Eyed Girls

      • haven’t heard bout kim ju yeong, i will hear it for sure!
        i’m in love with Ra.D now! haha… especially after knowing that i’m in love was his proposal’s song for his girlfriend.. what a romantic guy!
        clazziquai? i only know alex, and i love his song too 🙂

      • so, if u’ve listened some of Standing Eggs songs, u must have already listened to Standing Eggs with Ra.D’s, it’s nice& sweet love song^^
        also, i recommend u to listen J feat. Humming Urban Stereo – Toast. it never been removed from my playlist~
        and Clazziquai, so many of their songs is must to listen, such as Lazy Sunday Morning, Tell Your Self, Gentle Rain, I Will Give You Everything, Romeo Juliet..
        Yeap, i love Alex, his voice… /melting/
        have u listen, Lee Ki Chan – 너에게로 날다 (feat. Alex, Hwa yobi, byul, dany Jung)? it’s DAEBAK~!

      • hwaw.. haven’t heard any of them. but i’m buffering right now!
        well, if you said a song that never out of my playlist, i have one too..
        have you heard Wheesung feat Lee Seung Woo – Should I Catch Cold?
        i love that song and melt after saw the MV…

      • not yet. i’ll try~^^ and i will give comment after did. but i love wheesung’s sound too, ‘delicious song’ if im not mistaken it’s ear catchy.. and hmmm i forgot its tittle, the MV featuring Hyori… he’s one of legend musicians in Korea i think 🙂

      • just heard lee ki chan song that u recommended for me… LOVE IT! hahaha…

        another song that i never get bored: sukhee – missing you, urban zakapa – crush

        i guess i cant stop to give you all the song i love..hahaha

      • ive listened Wheesung’s it’s nice 🙂 and Urban Zakapa, YEAP.. i think there’s not only ‘crush’ which is recommended, but ALL their songs.. ive crushed UZ since they’re 9.. Ah, i have another, Apple Girl (Kim Yeo Hee) – My Music, she’s underrated too, now she’s on her japan debut. anw thanks for ur recommend ^^

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