[VIDEO] 120714 BEAST’s ‘Midnight Sun’ Mini Album Teaser!

Oh mai gawddddd.. it’s BEAST! yeah, BEAST is going to come back this month. whoaah, although they were hiatus on album project over a year, it seems like i’ve been waiting for sooo longg.
In this video, BEAST are truly my Up Town Boys.. their style, mimic, and the setting of the MV..
i cant wait this new album release neverthless it’s only a Mini Album with 6 tracks. But the point is, BEAST ARE COME BACK AGAIN MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS… feel like im falling in love again, my fangirling stuff is mode on!~ Yahooo…

▬▬★ SO...BEAST !

credits : beastofficial@YT ; shared by DCK@alwaysbeast.net

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