[12.06.26] The reasons why we just have to love Shinhwa Broadcast

This show is the one that i was looking for to make me feel happy, forget about tasking and laugh alot nowadays. i love their relationship, sense of humor, act-like-a-kid, weirdo and many things of them..^^ hope this show will airing for a long time until forever kkkk~ it’s recommended!


Shinhwa Broadcast broke its own ratings record when it achieved a rating of 1.87%for the Seoul Metropolitan Area (figures from AGB Nielsen Media Research) for the episode aired on 23rd June. With this, Shinhwa Broadcast has broken the 1% ratings mark for the 4th consecutive week, and with viewer ratings for general programming channels averaging 0.3-0.5%, the program has established itself as jTBC’s flagship variety program.

The 23rd June episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast featured Shinhwa leader Eric being the victim of a hidden camera prank by his fellow members. Though it was fun to see Eric thoroughly humiliated by the embarrassing punishments, viewers were also moved by the Shinhwa members expressing their faith in, and affection for their leader Eric via their video messages. So what are the key reasons that keeps us looking forward to Saturday nights with Shinhwa Broadcast?

1. Humiliation without hesitation – Shinhwa’s “letting-go”…

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